Realscale is a philosophy for architecting cloud native applications to scale up to 1M visits/day and 1000 requests/sec, typically requiring 10-200 server instances and a variety of internal services.

Components: Building Blocks

Servers – The essential building block, including web, API/mobile backend, reverse proxies, and workers that support your application.

Databases – Various SQL and NoSQL-based data stores for transactional, analytics, and search support.

Shared Object/File Storage – Block devices, filesystems, and object storage strategies beyond the local server.

Centralized and Distributed Logging – Strategies for managing the streams of logs generated by various server processes.

Message Brokers – Improving performance by offloading workload to background processes in a safe, scalable manner.

DNS – Understanding and applying the domain name service for high availability configurations, failover, and service discovery.

Caching – Keep common data and fragments in memory to improve performance and reduce the burden from backend servers.